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TRAILER - Titans (DC Universe)

Color me surprised! I did not expect this! This show is going to be dark...or at least it's trying to be. That doesn't mean I'm not excited though. I think Brenton Thwaites looks incredible as Dick Grayson, and his acting appears to be on point - even if I'm unsure of the direction of the characters and show itself. I was hoping for a little more heart and hope, both for the show itself and the characters. Teagan Croft hooked me as Raven, and I'm intrigued to see her story. The brief glimpses of Hawk and Dove were great, but Beast Boy and Starfire left something to be desired. I do think Starfire looked good as far as the CGI is concerned, but I'm still not sure of her civilian attire - though, I wouldn't say it's out of the question to hint that her "career" here is reminiscent of Selina Kyle in Batman: Year One. Which brings into the consistent problem I have with super-hero television shows... budget.

What everyone will be talking about though, is Robin's "Fuck Batman." line. Whoa... Now, this is somewhat fitting in terms of the context that led Robin to become Nightwing, but he was never this angry or aggressive. I'm just assuming this is the direction their taking it, and lets face it... He's not a kid here, and people cuss more freely than they did thirty years ago.

Anyway, there's a lot to take in here! What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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