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Iron Fist Season 2 Debuts September 7th

Netflix held an incredible panel for Iron Fist Season 2 on Friday night at San Diego Comic Con. Throughout the panel, a number of clips were shown to the audience, the first of which announced the release date for the new season.

Executive producer, Jeph Loeb, spent the time slot helping calm any hesitance fans may have felt following the lackluster first season by proving that the cast and crew approached this season with the intent to deliver! On top of the clip above, we also received a clip that featured Danny and Coleen fighting some thugs, the Daughters of the Dragon getting into some action, a scene featuring Alice Eve - who was announced as Typhoid Mary, and an INCREDIBLE scene between Danny and Davos where... wait for it... we got to see the classic Iron Fist mask!

The show looks incredible thanks to Raven Metzner, who replaced Jerry Buck as showrunner, and Clayton Barber, the show's new stunt choreographer. I think we all felt that the fights from Iron Fist season one left something to be desired, and that's definitely not the case here! What do you think of the clip above? Will you check out Iron Fist on September 7th? Sound off in the comments below!

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