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TRAILER: Captain Marvel

The first trailer for Captain Marvel blasted its way onto the internet this morning, and we've got it for you here! It should come as no surprise, but I'm excited for this film. Hell, I'm excited for every MCU film. I think it's fair to say that there are high expectations for Marvel's first female-led film, and by all accounts, it looks like they will deliver again. The movie itself looks fantastic! There's a lot to take in visually here, without there being much dialogue, so be prepared to watch the trailer a few times if you expect to catch everything. Comic book fans will see a number of hints that tie into to various stories, and they should get hyped off this alone. Brie Larson looks incredible but only says three lines throughout the trailer - and they're all, unfortunately, delivered in the same, cautious cadence, so I'm questioning that choice. She definitely comes off as a powerhouse though, so that's good. Other than that, we don't get much of an idea for the plot of the film, so there's still plenty to sink our teeth into in the near future!

What were your thoughts on the trailer? Did it POP your culture?

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