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Countdown of My Top Eurovision Songs from 2020: 15-11

Because of the spotlight that's being put on the Eurovision Song Contest due to Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, I'm continuing the countdown of my favorite Eurovision songs from 2020! Today's list comprises my ranking for songs 15-11! If you missed one of my previous lists, you can find them here:

Now, without further ado, let's continue the countdown to my favorite Eurovision song from 2020.

15. Da Vidna – Val (Belarus)

If any song on my list will shock people due to its inclusion, it’s Da Vidna. And, if I’m being honest, for the longest time this was one of my least favorite songs. I’d only heard the live version, and I wasn’t impressed. But then I heard the studio version and found the production and sound to not only be good, but different from the status quo. Once I looked up the English translation of the lyrics, I was sold. The song is a metaphor about a young girl getting “lost” in her youth, growing up too fast, and losing her innocence because of a decision that wasn’t her own… I think we all know what this is referring to, and it’s a shame that the song was never really featured during the lead-up to Eurovision. It was almost as if it was written off before the contest ever got started, and that’s a shame.

14. On Fire – THE ROOP (Lithuania)

There’s always that one song each year that is the “weird song.” THE ROOP’s “On Fire” was that song for 2020, but it’s also a really good song as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the crazy dance moves and vocal technique, but behind all of that is a brilliantly written and produced song that proclaims that one’s age doesn’t discredit what they have to offer. If only this song didn’t have that stupid, “La, la, la, la” bit… It would’ve been much higher on my list if not for that. Oh well… Alright everyone, give me your best THE ROOP dance!

13. White & Black Holes – Barbora Mochowa (Czech – Non-qualifier)

Every aspect of “White & Black Holes” is beautifully crafted and executed! I’m sure many people will consider this song to be a snooze, but I like that it doesn’t confine itself to stand pop confines. It’s as if Lana Del Rey did an electric-pop ballad album. The ethereal nature of the music and Mochowa’s voice is haunting, and the build into the high note at the end is magnificent!

12. All of My Love – Destiny (Malta)

“All of My Love” is a wonderful song that’s full of soul and driven by a tribal-type drum during the chorus. Having been a Eurovision Jr. winner, it’s no surprise that Destiny delivered such a strong song, and I’m excited to see what she brings to the table next year when she returns.

11. Move – The Mamas (Sweden)

“Move” is just one of those retro, throw-back songs that just makes you feel good. Considering the trio never push to outshine the other or take the lead on vocals, one could easily write-off the brilliance of this song. I love the choir aspects that are infused into the song, and I have no doubt that this will be a timeless song that ages incredibly well over the coming years.

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