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Countdown of my Top Eurovision Songs from 2020: 20-16

Because of the spotlight that's being put on the Eurovision Song Contest due to Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, I'm continuing the countdown of my favorite Eurovision songs from 2020! For those of you that haven't been tuning in, you can my first five songs here.

Now, without further ado, let's continue the countdown to my favorite Eurovision song from 2020.

20. Alcohol You – Roxen (Romania)

Roxen is an interesting situation because she was the only contestant for Romania’s national selection, but put forward four or five songs for the country to decide which song would move forward. Alcohol You ended up winning the nation’s vote, and while I think it’s a great song – clearly I put it in my list – I don’t think it was her best song… Basically, what I’m saying is that this song is good and all, but this isn’t the only time you’ll see Roxen on this list!

Specifically for “Alcohol You,” I think the verses and bridge are great, but the chorus leaves a little something to be desired. I’m also not crazy about the “fake news” lyric and wish they would’ve come up with something different.

19. Violent Thing – Ben Dolic (Germany)

Originally, I didn’t care for Violent Thing. It just didn’t hook me right away. But then, over time and the more I heard it, the more I grew to like it. The song is definitely a bop, and is a fun song to bump in the car. The androgynous nature of Dolic’s voice gives this song a bit of uniqueness and edge that helps it stand out.

18. At Least We Tried – Karelll (Czech – Non-qualifier)

At Least We Tried can be a bit of a sleeper, especially if you don’t listen to the entire song. There’s a slow build here that executed perfectly. Karelll also does an outstanding job of conveying a story of loss, while still, somehow, infusing a positive recollection of that loss thanks to the soaring choruses towards the end of the song. There’s no reason this song shouldn’t be the anthem of mutual breakups.

17. Bulletproof – Dotter (Sweden – Non-qualifier)

Bulletproof is a masterfully produced song with a catchy melody that could easily be played on the radio around the world. The unique tone and quality of Dotter’s voice also helps this song stand out from your standard mid-tempo, pop ballad.

16. Cleopatra – Efendi (Azerbaijan)

In many ways, Cleopatra is just your standard pop song, but the fact that it has a driving chorus and that Efendi is a natural star helps elevate this song to so much more. The production behind the song is also a big plus. The team wasn’t afraid to take risks – from the interjection, to the rolling of the “R” on Cleopatra, to the ethnic sounds mixed into the production… There’s so much to enjoy here!

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