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Countdown of My Top Eurovision Songs from 2020: 25-21

With Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga hitting Netflix, I figured that I should take some time to highlight the actual Eurovision Song Contest and some of my favorite songs to come from the competition. So, throughout this week, I will share my Top 25 Songs from Eurovision 2020, counting down from number 25 to 1!

Since the actual contest for 2020 was canceled, I think it’s more important than ever to share these songs. The artists behind them didn’t get the opportunity to present their music on a world-wide stage, which is a shame because this was probably the most talented year. No, seriously, I struggled to make this list.

Now, I should note that these are my favorite songs – not necessarily the songs that I think are the best. There are plenty of songs that I think, technically, are incredible, but I just don’t enjoy listening to them as much. And, for full disclosure, I’m including some songs on my list that didn’t pass their national final because… Well, because I love some of them and I want to feature them! But of the 25 I’m featuring, I’m starting with my least favorite and working my way down to my absolute favorite.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get to the actual list.

25. Lessons of Love – Vanessa Amorosi (Australia – Non-qualifier)

This is pure, glossy, pop music, and it’s damn good. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t a fan of this song the first couple of times I heard it, but over time it really grew on me. This is one of those weird instances where the verses are great, while the chorus is just ok. But damn, Amorosi’s voice is killer, and that alone elevates this song to some incredible heights… Literally. Those notes at the end! I mean, come on! They’re killer! There’s no doubt that this song is an anthem for many people – especially in her native Australia, and I can completely understand why.

24. Troubled Waters – Victor Crone (Sweden – Non-qualifier)

Troubled Waters is a safe song, and I mean that in a good and bad way. On one hand, there’s nothing overly spectacular about it, however, it is catchy and relatable enough that it will connect with people. Despite the lack of artistic depth here, there is mass appeal, and that should never be overlooked.

23. Rabbit Hole – Jaguar Jones (Australia – Non-qualifier)

I love Rabbit Hole! I think it’s fresh, unique, and nostalgic in all the right ways. Jaguar Jonez is definitely captivating and charismatic, and I’m willing to bet she’d make an incredible album. The phrasing of the chorus is a little weird though, and that knocks this song down a few spots for me.

22. Take Me As I Am – Tornike Kipiani (Georgia)

Take Me As I Am is an interesting song for me. I think it’s easy to write it off, but there’s something inherently simple, yet abstract and beautifully honest about it. The chorus’ repetition of “I love you” sung in various languages it powerful and moving, and the juxtaposition of Kipiani’s harsh vocals married with the softness of the background vocals is quite good.

21. YES! – Ben & Tan (Denmark)

This wholesome, heart-warming song has “Valentine’s Day movie soundtrack” written all over it! It’s hard to deny feel-good music, and this is definitely one of those songs. There’s an innocence to the lyrics, arrangement, and performance that makes the song incredibly catchy. The folk, pop-rock vibes don’t hurt either.

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