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Countdown of My Top Eurovision Songs from 2020: 5-1

Because of the spotlight that's being put on the Eurovision Song Contest due to Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, I'm continuing the countdown of my favorite Eurovision songs from 2020! Today's list comprises my ranking for songs 5-1! If you missed one of my previous lists, you can find them here:

My Top Eurovision Songs from 2020: 10-6

Now, without further ado, let's continue the countdown to my favorite Eurovision song from 2020.

5. Think About Things – Dadi Freyr (Iceland)

“Think About Things” is great! It’s a solid song with a feel-good, love-inspired message, and it’s accompanied with a brilliant video! Seriously, it’s hilarious! And I feel like it’s only funnier now that Fire Saga is out, because you could almost make the case that Ferrell is (potentially) playing Dadi Freyr! Haha! Ok, he’s not, but you can’t deny that Ferrell and team captured that special quirkiness of Icelanders really well after seeing this.

Also, I love Freyr’s voice! Good range and a great tone! I felt like the team had a good chance to win, so it’s a shame they didn’t get to compete with this song. I’m excited to see what they bring next year!

4. Grow – Jeangu Macrooy (Netherlands)

Initially, “Grow” was a song that I didn’t pay much attention to. It’s a ballad and a rather slow and dreary one at that. In fact, I probably listened to the song a good twenty times before I actually ever really listened to it. But when I finally did take the time to pay attention to the lyrics… I got chills. The message of this song is so incredible, and I can’t help but think of how poignant this song actually is.

For some context, I’m thirty-one years old, and I can’t help but look at my life and think of what I don’t have or what I haven’t accomplished. The reality is that I’m incredibly blessed, and as I grow, my perspective will change and is changing. This is a beautiful song with a beautiful message, and it’s going to be looked at fondly for many, many years to come!

3. Cherry Red – Roxen (Romania – Non-qualifier)

Well, would you look at that? We’ve circled back around to Roxen! I’m just going to come out and say it, this song slaps hard! This would easily be a radio/club hit, and it’s a shame that it didn’t win the national selection to put it on more people’s radar! If the pulse of the music doesn’t make you want to dance, then I don’t know what would!

2. Don’t Break Me – Montaigne (Australia)

This song hits me personally, and the lyrics are fantastic. There’s a strong message about enduring a difficult or potentially abusive relationship, and the lengths that one will go to try and ride it out. Montaigne’s delivery and the overall melody and production of the song just make it that much better. While I consider Montaigne more of an indie artist, this is easily one of the most mainstream songs she has ever released and it suits her well. Not only do I feel that more people need to listen to this song, but I feel like people need to listen to Montaigne’s music in general. She’s definitely become one of my favorite artists ever, and I discovered her because of Eurovision!

Honorable Mentions:

Before I move on to my favorite song of Eurovision 2020, I need to recognize two honorable mentions… because… well, if I don’t people will crucify me! Anyway, there are two songs that I greatly enjoy, and in the context of the competition, staging, etc, I think they would’ve have done really well – potentially win even. But purely on a listening experience and what I turn to, they just didn’t make the cut. But, they are:

Solovey – Go_A (Ukraine)

Alright, so this is a song that I respect immensely, but I just don’t listen to it. I love the artistry of the song, as well as how it embraces it’s Ukrainian culture, but it’s not a song I jam to when driving. That being said, I have no doubt that if the contest had occurred, Solovey would’ve finished in the top ten, if not the top five.

Uno – Little Big (Russia)

Ugh… I’m probably going to be canceled before I even get this site fully up and running just because this isn’t in my list. So, look… I love this song… In the context that I get to watch the video with it. If I don’t have the video, I have no desire to watch this. I feel like that’s fair to say. If we were strictly discussing music videos, this would be in my top three… but the song, in and of itself, doesn’t do anything for me. The song and video together? Freaking hilarious!

1. Repondez Moi – Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland)

There’s just something inherently moving and haunting about this sound, that I remember getting chills the very first time I listened to it. I remember some French, but not enough to fully understand what he was saying. When I looked up the song’s lyrics in English, I found the song even more touching. And then Cornoavirus started taking hold of the world, and that just elevated this song and its message even higher! There’s no reason this song shouldn’t become a classic that’s revered for decades because it is that poignant and beautiful.

If you haven’t looked up the English translation, I urge you to. Just make sure you really think about what the song is saying, and demanding, and how relevant it is in the world’s current situation. “Repondez Moi” might be my favorite Eurovision song of all time, and that’s really saying something!


Thank you for checking out my favorite songs from Eurovision 2020! I'd love for you to share your favorites as well! Next week, I'll break down my favorite songs from Eurovision 2019, so make sure you come back and weigh in then as well!

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