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Countdown of My Top Eurovision Songs of 2020: 10-6

Because of the spotlight that's being put on the Eurovision Song Contest due to Netflix's Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, I'm continuing the countdown of my favorite Eurovision songs from 2020! Today's list comprises my ranking for songs 10-6! If you missed one of my previous lists, you can find them here:

Now, without further ado, let's continue the countdown to my favorite Eurovision song from 2020.

10. Running – Sandro (Cyprus)

“Running” is one of those pop-dance, radio-friendly songs that you just want to blast in your car while on the way to the club! Cyprus has been reliable in delivering some great dance tracks the past few years, and this song is no exception. And if you think Sandro might be one of those artists forced to rely on dance tracks and autotune, then I encourage you to listen to his acoustic version of the song!

9. Attention (KLAAS remix) – Ulrikke (Norway)

I’m cheating a little with this entry, because this actually a remix of the original, but it’s just so damn good! I would have included Ulrikke’s “Attention” in my list whether I would’ve stuck to the original or not, but I find this track to be way more catchy and entertaining. What was originally a power-ballad with solid lyrics, is now a total bop that is equally as effective!

8. Tears Getting Sober – Victoria (Bulgaria)

Bulgaria has been another country that has been on a hot streak for the past few years! They’ve definitely been seeking out and putting forward quality contestants and songs, and Victoria is no exception with “Tears Getting Sober.” Considering this is a ballad, there’s isn’t a hook to catch you right away, but the Billie Eilish-like sound of the song, as well as the quality lyrics and production, make this one of the best songs this year. There’s a chance it would have gotten lost on the stage at Eurovision, but as a track, it’s great!

7. Looking Back – Askel (Finland)

“Looking Back” is one of those songs that brilliantly blends artistry with pop. The sound of Askel’s voice, as well as the lyrics and production, lean more alternative and indie in some ways, but then the melody and polish give this song a slick, radio-friendly sound. The message behind the song is relatable, and it’s catchy enough that you will find yourself singing along without realizing it.

6. All the Blood (Positive Song Actually) – We All Poop (Czech – Non-qualifier)

If there’s one thing that Eurovision 2020 was missing, it was a good rock song. With a title like “All the Blood” coming from a band named We All Poop, you probably set your bar pretty low as far as expectations are concerned. But… This is actually a damn good song. The song has a Twenty One Pilots vibe to it and contains a pretty powerful message without being preachy. I’m not going to lie, I blast this in my care quite often!


Make sure you check back tomorrow as I round out my list for Eurovision 2020!

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