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  • Joshua McDonald

ESC 2022: Bulgaria: Intelligent Music Project - "Intention"

Whoa! WHOA! We've got a country's Eurovision selection in December? This feels wrong. I mean, I'm not complaining, but it feels wrong. These songs usually don't land until the end of January at the earliest. Regardless, I'm a huge fan of Eurovision (I lived with former contestants after all), and if Europe wants to deliver the goods early, I'll take it!

If an ESC song dropping wasn't enough to excite me, it just so happens that the country kicking off the season is one of my personal favorites, Bulgaria! Considering a recent streak of entries such as Victoria, Equinox, Kristian Kostov, and Poli Genova, why wouldn't I be? Unfortunately, the entry this year SUCKS! Welp... There goes Bulgaria's qualifying streak... I've got the video below with some commentary below that... But seriously... Listen at your own risk.

Considering the Eurovision Song Contest and participating countries have been striving to rebrand themselves and shake off some of the cheese and stereotypes that have plagued the competition, it's a shame that this is what we're getting to start the season, much less the entry from Bulgaria. And look, cheese and camp will always be an aspect of some acts, but "Intention" doesn't even fall into that category. It's just bad.

The decision to send a rock song following Maneskin's win last year is questionable enough. But sending a generic, 80's rock song that has less testosterone than Lady Gaga is just embarrassing. None of these artists in Intelligent Music Project can actually think this is remotely good... *Sigh* I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...

I'm giving this song a 2/10. There's just nothing inspiring or worthwhile for me here. What are your thoughts on "Intention." Share below, and let me know what's POPPING your culture.

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