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Popped by Culture in 2022

Alright, folks... We're here. I've said for a while that I would be making my full launch in 2022, and that day has come! When I first decided to launch Popped by Culture, I had two main goals.

  1. I wanted to push general film and television audiences who enjoy comic book movies and tv to their source material because there are genuinely great books out there, and they don't get the attention or recognition they deserve.

  2. I wanted to provide a platform and exposure for indie or up-and-coming comic book talent to help them get exposure.

While this is still one of my main focuses, the reality is that this alone won't lead to much content - or at least not enough for me to effectively launch the site. So, you might be wondering what to expect from PBC this year... Well, I'll tell you!

New Comic Book Film/ Television Content

With each new comic book film or tv show that releases, I'll be providing coverage encouraging readers to check out the source material. Please note, this will not be a news-focused site. I have a day job (two actually) that keeps me incredibly busy. So, if you're hoping to see me post the latest set photo, rumor, leak, etc... Then I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you've come to the wrong place. (You can hit me up on Twitter though, where I'll be more than happy to engage with you!)

What you can expect are character profiles (for example, my upcoming Who is Morbius?), non-spoiler reviews, spoiler reviews, and posts such as So, You're a Fan of (insert character name here) and Print Screen.

  • So, You're a Fan of _____ will be a three-week book club highlighting a comic book property or character that was recently featured in a major motion picture or television series. Again, my goal is to drive people to comics, and this seems to be a pretty keen way to accomplish that.

  • Print Screen is going to be a video conversation with a certain, award-winning comic book editor and writer (time permitting), where we discuss the recent film or show, the comics that inspired the plots of the show, and compare.

Regular Comic Book Coverage

As I stated above, I have no intention of making PBC a news site. Yes, there will be some news that I'll post about, but that will mostly be major announcements. I also have no intention to write weekly comic book reviews. There are plenty of people and sites that do that, and bless them! I have spent the past seven years of my life writing weekly reviews, and my capacity for continuing that is non-existent. But, you can expect to see:

The Future

As we move throughout the year, I will layer in new series such as:

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons - Join me each Saturday as I revisit classic cartoons and discuss the episodes. We'll be kicking this series off in March 2022 with Batman the Animated Series!

  • Revisiting - Join me for a weekly watch party where I revisit classic and beloved television series, live-tweet a commentary while watching, provide a full review at the end of each season. Revisiting will kick off in May 2022 with Firefly!

  • Marvelous Monday - Join me on the first Monday of each month as I revisit each installment of the MCU, and then spend the remaining Mondays of the month reviewing comics that inspired that film. You can expect Marvelous Monday to launch in July 2022 with Captain America: The First Avenger!

  • Batman Head Canon - Join me as I read through and review my Batman headcanon. If you're familiar with my time at Batman News, then you know I'm hypercritical of all things Batman. Well, this series will help you understand why I feel the way I do as I explore one of my favorite characters of all time! Batman Head Canon will launch in September of 2022 with Batman: Year One.

  • Sunday GN - Each Sunday I'll review a graphic novel. Yep, it's that simple. Sunday GN will launch in November 2022.

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