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Wednesday Roundup: July 14, 2022

I'm delivering this a little late due to storms that caused multiple power outages throughout the week, but better late than never! Right? This week's top releases are listed below. Is your favorite included? Do you agree with the critics, or did they completely miss the mark. Let us know in the comments!

5. Infinite Frontier by Joshua Williamson, Xermanico, Jesus Merino, and Paul Pelletier

What secrets and changes lurk inside the newly expanded Multiverse? The devious Director Bones of the D.E.O. re-forms a ragtag team to keep the new worlds at bay, but was highly skilled agent Cameron Chase recruited because the director needs her help, or because he wants a patsy when things go south? Meanwhile, Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, takes drastic measures to find his missing daughter. Someone has kidnapped Jade, and Alan’s going to find out why and bring her home. Plus, the resurrection of Roy Harper gives the former Teen Titan some unexpected and unpredictable new powers.

Average Critic Rating: 8.5/10

"The multiverse is not what anyone thinks it is with new mysteries and new questions being posed. A diverse set of heroes work separately – for now – to have their questions answered in a likable second issue." - COMICON

"After a stellar first issue, the conspiracy of Infinite Frontier continues to get more complex"and more rewarding." -

4. Iron Man #10 by Christopher Cantwell and Cafu

Tony has been suddenly and bizarrely marooned on an unknown remote planet, and his abandonment doesn’t seem to be Korvac’s doing at all. While his friends continue to pursue Korvac and his allies across the galaxy in a race to Galactus’ worldship, Taa II, Tony must now figure out where he is and if the locals are friendly or dangerous, especially since this small colony of fellow space drifters is run by a powerful old foe who might have reformed his ways. But at least for a moment, Tony has a chance to rest and to not only take stock of where he is, but also figure out how he got here in the first place and who he wants to be moving forward.

Average Critic Rating: 9.1/10

"This arc has been truly incredible thus far, but this issue proves to me that it'll end up being one of Iron Man's definitive runs." -

3. Die #18 by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans

"Bleed," Part Three

Once upon a time, there was a golden child. He’s been gone a long time now. What happened to him? Let’s find out.

Average Critic Rating: 9.2/10

"Die's final arc remains a magnificent thesis and reflection on all of the moments that came before. It's an exhilarating examination of why we play games and why we make the decisions that we do. The crafting of the self and the character we present to the world..." - Black Nerd Problems

"A gorgeous and resonant issue built on the patience of expert long-form storytelling, Die #18 unleashes one of this series long-held story beats and the results are devastating. This is quite possibly the best issue of Die yet." - Comics Bookcase

2. Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow #4 by Chip Zdarsky, Pasqual Ferry, and Phil Noto

WHAT IF PETER PARKER BECAME VENOM? Peter is finally free…or so he thought. The Fantastic Four are now in trouble, with Reed Richards in the crosshairs of the symbiote – and it’s more dangerous than ever before! A brutal penultimate chapter, featuring guest stars galore and twists you’ll never see coming!

Average Critic Rating: 9.5/10

1. Spider-Woman #13 by Karla Pacheo and Pere Perez

THE MOST ACTION-PACKED SPIDER-WOMAN ISSUE YET! A who’s who of Marvel Mercenaries want something that Jess has (and NEEDS), so Jess has to fight Lady Bullseye and more to secure this treasured possession. This fight will take Jess across NYC in the most intense, issue-long action sequence you’ve ever read!

Average Critic Rating: 9.6/10

"When all is said and done, Spider-Woman #13 delivers a fun, joke-filled romp that delivers wonderful energy that I never realized I needed but am grateful I experienced." - But Why Tho?

"This visually stimulating issue is heavy on character form. Perez uses modern, detailed drawings to depict a myriad of fight and chase sequences. And D'Armata's bold, intricate colorwork creates a tone that perfectly suits the intense and fast-paced environment presented in the story. I was completely transported by every page." - The Super Powered Fancast

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