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Wednesday Round-Up: 7/8/2020

We had a number of wonderful, new comics hit shelves this week! Here's a rundown of the top books according to critics!

5. Hawkman #25 by Robert Venditti and Marco Castiello Clash from the past! Hawkman and Hawkwoman wage war against the Lord Beyond the Void in a desperate bid to escape his realm! Once the god to whom Hawkman answered, now his mortal enemy-the Lord hates the hero Hawkman has become and will stop at nothing to drain his life force away and put an end to his reincarnations for good!

Average Critic Rating:

"The horse is dead, I can't beat it anymore. Hawkman is easily the best comic being published by DC. Period. There's a depth and universality to Venditti's writing that is striking and meaningful." - DC Comics News

"Venditti has added so many more layers to Hawkman's backstory, but he's also simplified it in a way that makes the character easy to explain to new fans. That's a win in and of itself, and this anniversary issue " while standard sized " feels like a strong turning point in the story as the characters head towards their destiny." - Geek Dad

"Hawkman #25 again made the statement that the best solo books are the ones which represent a creative team's ability to tell a story they put thought into." - Beyond the Panel

4. Sabrina: Something Wicked #2 by Kelly Thompson, Andy Fish, Veronica Fish, and Jack Morelli Sabrina has long felt the pull her two worlds, witch and mortal, but she’s always had her devoted aunts Hilda and Zelda on her side to help guide her through that gauntlet. But when a spell suggests she can no long trust even them, where will Sabrina turn as a series of supernatural murders fall upon the town of Greendale?

Average Critic Rating: 8.7/10

"It's great being back in Greendale and experiencing new adventures with Sabrina and her friends. The writing and art are top-notch in this series, and if you're looking for something fun, with great character work, and more than a bit of magic, this is your huckleberry." - The Fandom Post

"Sabrina: Something Wicked skews a bit more towards teenage drama than horror with this issue, however it really comes back to the scares by the end with a great cliffhanger. If you dig shows on The CW like Supernatural, you're going to love this comic." - Horror DNA

"Sabrina is finding herself in a major crux in her life, and the creative team have found multiple ways of indicating this both visually and narratively within their story." Newsarama

3. Adverntureman #2 by Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson The mysterious disappearance of the original Adventureman gets a little more complicated when, in the modern era, single mom Claire Connell stumbles into his legacy. But with the adventuremantle come untold dangers from those who would seek to destroy it!

Average Critic Rating: 8.7/10

"Terry Dodson's art is sublime. From start to finish you become immersed in the world being created visually and every character is fantastic to look at." - The Super Powered Fancast

"I could have as easily enjoyed a simple pulp tale of Adventum Worldwide, but this phased reality story really appeals." - Big Comic Page

"Adventureman leaps into modern times as Tommy's book is far from ordinary, and his mom is pretty super, herself." - The Brazen Bull

2. Something is Killing the Children #8 by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell'Edera Erica's employers, the mysterious Order of St. George, have taken control of Archer's Peak and sealed it off from the outside world. But can they hope to quarantine the damage caused by the monsters... and Erica Slaughter?

Average Critic Rating: 8.8/ 10

"Something is Killing the Children #8 is able to deliver a creepy, funny, and engaging issue while mostly consisting of characters talking to each other. You shouldn't be missing one of the best monthly horror comics!" - Comics Bookcase

"Dell'edera frames the panels brilliantly. The suspense of the plot is reflected in the composition of the panels and how they progress the story. A visually stunning issue." - The Super Powered Fancast

"Something Is Killing the Children #8 continues the harrowing tale of one town and the serious monster problem they suddenly have on their hands. Yet the development of said plot has been unexpected. In fact, it is infinitely more complicated to deal with a monster infestation than one might expect." - Word of the Nerd

1. DCeased: Dead Planet by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine After a corrupted Anti-Life Equation turned billions into monsters-including Earth’s Greatest Heroes-our planet was as good as dead.

Years later, a distress call brings Damian Wayne, Jon Kent, and Cassie Sandsmark-the Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman of Earth 2-back to a dead planet...but what will this new Justice League find waiting for them? If life still exists on Earth, who-or what-is lying in wait for these heroes?

The original creative team of Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine reunite for the sequel to the 2019 blockbuster series DCeased!

Average Critic Rating: 9.0/10

"This was a strong opener for a sequel to 'DCeased', and a great gateway comic for new and returning fans. Taylor does a great job creating moments and characters to get attached to, while Hairsine's art does a great job of ripping it to shreds." - AIPT

"This is a good start to this new series, and Taylor has a good grasp on these characters. The stakes are high, the story has a clear premise and focus, and Hairsine draws some really good-looking pages and action sequences. This is a solid product. Recommended!" - Batman News

"I'll be honest " I had thought time was running out for DCeased, and that Tom Taylor had finally run out of things to say about this horrific new world. But I'm delighted to say that Taylor and Hairsine proved me wrong, delivering a sequel that will engage you, surprise you, and will ultimately turn everything we know about this series on its head." - Newsarama

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