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Spider-Man: No Way Home Slings Itself into the 2nd Best Domestic Opening Weekend of All Time

We all knew that Spider-Man: No Way Home was going to be a major box office driver for 2021, we just weren't sure how well it would do overall. Even leading up to the film, projections ebbed and flowed from a general $130 million, to $150 million, then back down. Along the way, there were even a few dreamers that touted some pie-in-the-sky estimates like $250 million for the opening weekend box office...

So, how much did Spider-Man: No Way Home actually make during its opening weekend?

A whopping $260,138,569!

This makes No Way Home the second-highest-grossing domestic box office of all time, and biggest debut in Sony Pictures history! Forget the whole, "pandemic box office" rhetoric that we've been touting for the last year to make movie numbers look better than they actually are... This is legitimately huge!

It's estimated that the Thursday night previews raked in $50 million, bringing the opening day total to $121,964,712! The strong performance pushed estimates to increase throughout the weekend for the film's overall box office, and that continued to grow before settling at $250 million for the weekend... Which it beat.

Now, the real question is how strong No Way Home's hold will be. People are on holiday break and that will allow plenty of time for rewatches throughout this week. While excitement and anticipation for the film's release - as well as a desire to not have the film spoiled more than it already had been - strong word of mouth will continue to drive audiences to the m

ultiplex to see Spidey! There's also not a strong contender stepping in this weekend thanks to Warner Bro's flub forcing The Matrix: Resurrections to have a same-day release on HBO Max.

So, will Spider-Man: No Way Home pull another miracle and manage to snag the highest box office worldwide for 2021? We'll see!

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